Monthly Archives: June 2019

Behind the success stories

“Philanthropy is not about money… it is about feeling the pain of others and caring enough about their needs to help” -Timothy Pina Sticking to this motto, the Asha Team members visit door to door in all the Asha slum communities to ensure good health, education and environment for the slum community members every day.Have…
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A ‘Thought Leadership Session’ by Dr Kiran Martin

"The session with Dr Kiran Martin and Robert Johanson started with Robert’s brief introduction about his BEN journey. He then introduced Dr Martin and the association with BEN which started about 7-8 years ago. Dr Martin explained about “ASHA” and how it was started in 1988 when there was a Cholera outbreak and she set…
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A journey from skid row to skyscraper!

One of Asha’s biggest milestones was marked on the 27th July last year: the first boy from the slums of Delhi graduated with a Masters in Computer Science from Australia’s top university: University of Melbourne. Mahinder has become a role model for thousands of young people from the slums of Delhi. Hailing from a humble…
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