Monthly Archives: October 2020

Asha team practice the Asha value ‘Compassion’ in the slums

Dr Kiran: “I had an exciting Zoom call with over 350 Asha team members and volunteers a couple of days back. Everyone was enthused and energized to continue working with even greater zeal and passion. I spoke about Compassion. The Latin meaning being ‘to suffer with.’ Its about recognizing of another person’s suffering and being…
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Elderly man living alone in the slums cared for by Asha

Dr Kiran: ‘This is the sad story of an 86 year old man called Kayamuddin. He lives on his own in a small shack in a corner of a tiny lane in Tigri slum community. Kayamuddin was a poor landless labourer in the state of Bihar. He moved to the Delhi slums at a young…
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