Monthly Archives: September 2021

Telehealth clinics in Asha slum communities

I have been doing regular clinics on Zoom at the various Asha centres. I use the opportunity to train Asha nurses who take turns to be on these telehealth clinics. Patients have also got used to the laptop and the headphones. Patients come in large numbers with all kinds of acute and chronic conditions. Free…
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Practicing Gratitude in Asha slum communities

Hi everyone, Gratitude bands, threads and bracelets are being tied everywhere at Asha these days. It is bringing in so much joy and positivity. The uniqueness of this exercise is opening our eyes to the immense power of Gratitude. [gallery ids="5396,5397,5398,5399,5400,5401,5402"]
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Gratitude Thread Tying Ceremony

Hello folks, this week we are having a Gratitude Thread Tying Ceremony everywhere in Asha. The Asha family members are making beautiful gratitude threads and bands. They then take out time to perform the ceremony of tying these threads to one another as a symbol of Gratitude for the person in their lives. They tie…
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