Monthly Archives: February 2022

Asha partners with Vitamin Angels

Asha partners with a US based organization called Vitamin Angels. They provide us with Vitamin A for our children between 1 and 5 years of age. They came to Asha to do some training and also gave us doses of Vitamin A for those under our care. What a wonderful collaboration! [gallery size="medium" ids="5456,5457,5458"]
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Asha student Amritesh reaches at Queensland

Amritesh has reached Brisbane! Beautiful accommodation at University of Queensland – International. Imagine the huge contrast with his tiny home in the slum. [gallery size="medium" ids="5257,5256,5258"]
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Asha celebrates Week of Hope

Hello everyone, we are celebrating Week of Hope this week at Asha. There is a lot of discouragement and desperation around specially among those who have lost their jobs and have no source of income to support their families. Dr Kiran has made an inspirational video on Cultivating Hope during the Pandemic. As we are…
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