Veenita’s Journey of Breaking Educational Barriers with Asha

18-year-old Veenita lives in the Mayapuri slum community with her family. Veenita's parents had migrated to Delhi from UP for better opportunities. Her father, a graduate, could not get any permanent job. After struggling with odd jobs, her father started working as a part-time construction worker, earning about 84 USD a month, insufficient to meet the needs of their five-member household.
Veenita has always been interested in studies and wanted to pursue a career in law and politics. She was working hard in academics but still didn't know how to go ahead in the field. Although Veenita's father was himself educated, he refused to allow her daughter higher education opportunities because of the family's financial situation. Instead, he wanted her to start working to contribute to family income. It was a real challenge to convince someone who refused to understand logic. However, the Asha team in Mayapuri worked relentlessly to convince him, assuring financial support for Veenita's education and explaining how a good education would change their family's fortunes, breaking the shackles of poverty. Guided and motivated by senior Asha Ambassadors at every step of the complicated Common University Entrance Test and the online admission process of the University, Veenita secured admission to Delhi University in a Bachelor of Liberal Arts majoring in Political Science. Inspired by her seniors at Asha, Veenita joined the NCC and began tutoring to assist her family. Embracing the value of paying it forward, she dedicates her time after college classes to teach junior students and contribute to her community.
While narrating her story, Vineeta expressed that she learned valuable life skills in Asha and developed her future goals. She aspired to pursue an academic career as a professor of political science.

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