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“I want to be a Teacher”: Archana

A native of a village in Uttar Pradesh (India), Archana, migrated to Delhi some two decades ago. She was in her mother’s womb when the family decided to settle in Asha’s Mayapuri slum community. Archana was born under the guidance of Asha and gradually, joined Bal Mandal (Children’s Association). “Everybody at Asha centre knows me…
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Guddi: A true inspiration

Life in the slum is difficult, especially for someone who is differently abled. This story of struggle and success is an outstanding example of perseverance and determination. Guddi, a 43-year-old, resides in Asha’s Mayapuri slum community. This slum is situated in the West of Delhi, it’s noisy, it’s beyond crowded and the air is foul…
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Asha High School Topper Mehjabeen on her new journey

“We would sit on the pavement outside and wait for amma (mother) to give us dry chapatis soaked in water,” recalls a teary-eyed Mehjabeen. The family of Mehjabeen, daughter of a daily wage mason Mohammad Raees migrated to Janta Camp from Uttar Pradesh’s Sultanpur some two decades ago. This specific ghetto is a few miles…
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Behind the success stories

“Philanthropy is not about money… it is about feeling the pain of others and caring enough about their needs to help” -Timothy Pina Sticking to this motto, the Asha Team members visit door to door in all the Asha slum communities to ensure good health, education and environment for the slum community members every day.Have…
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