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Asha provides relief to the women from the River Bed slum community

Dr Kiran- ”Hello folks, the women from the River Bed Slum Community were anxiously waiting for Asha’s vehicle and team to arrive with desperately needed groceries. Today was the second round for every family. The cycle rickshaws are seen in the picture; there has been no work for 67 days. Some people work as labourers…
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Dr Kiran runs a baby clinic at Kusumpur Pahadi slum community

Dr Kiran- ”17 enthusiastic Asha Corona Warriors received me with a warm welcome at Kusumpur Pahadi Slum Colony today. Team Leader Pushpa and Supervisor Rani were doing an amazing job running the baby clinic at the Asha centre. There was a never-ending stream of widows, the elderly, the disabled and the very poor who had…
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Asha launches a sanitation drive for all slum communities

Dr Kiran- ”Asha has launched a massive advocacy drive for sanitation of all the communities. The team and Warriors have approached the Municipal Councillors everywhere and complained of the horrific sanitary conditions. The action has begun, and sanitary workers are being sent to all Asha communities.” DONATE FOR ASHA’S COVID-19 EMERGENCY RESPONSE:  
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