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Muskan – Shaping her dreams through the power of education

Twenty-year-old Muskan lived in Tughlakabad slum in South Delhi, one of the new slum areas under Asha's programmatic endeavours. She is the eldest of the four siblings in her family of six members, which included her parents. She lived in a small one-room house, which accommodated life's daily struggles and the dreams and aspirations of…
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Darkness to Light: Jyoti’s Journey of Hope with Asha

In the heart of Dr Ambedkar Basti, a slum surrounded by the stark contrast of government offices and the posh localities of South Delhi, Jyoti found herself grappling with a life far removed from the dreams she had once cherished. At just twenty-three, Jyoti, a bright and educated graduate, was forced into a marriage with…
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Restoring Dignity: Ramyag’s Journey with Asha

Ramyag, 71 years old,  sat on the creaky wooden bed in the small, dimly lit shanty in Amar Park Zakhira. He gently fed his paralyzed wife, Sheela, a spoonful of mashed lentils and potatoes, their daily routine for the past five decades. The weight of their years together hung heavy in the air, alongside the…
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