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In the celebration of Asha’s remarkable 35-year journey

The spotlight shines on Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) as vital catalysts in providing equitable healthcare to slum residents. Asha has trained these women's who live in slums to work as Community Health Volunteers (CHVs). Their regular visits to monitor the health of communities, focusing on pregnant women, children under five, elderly, and T.B. patients, have…
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Struggle to Solace: Seeta’s Journey with Asha’s Compassionate Care

65-year-old Seeta from the Ekta Vihar slum community faced immense challenges and hardships after her husband's passing, leaving her to raise her children while working as a labourer single-handedly. Her son, despite her love and sacrifices, turned towards alcoholism. In a poignant turn of events, Seeta, at a time when she sought solace, found herself…
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Empowered Journeys: Celebrating 35 Years of Asha’s Impact in Delhi’s Slums

Today, as we Celebrate Asha's 35 years of transformative service in Delhi's slums, we spotlight Sandhya's journey with our women empowerment program, a critical component of the Asha Programme. A 48-year-old widow who migrated from Ishanagar, Madhya Pradesh, to Delhi 30 years ago with her husband better livelihood. Living a life confined by societal expectations…
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