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Ramwati, a Victim of Untouchability enjoys being Loved and Cared

This is a narration from a 65 year old Dalit woman called Ramwati. Dalits in India are also known as untouchables. They are caste out from society and in the villages, they are only allowed to clean toilets. Ramwati says that when she lived in her village, she was given the work of cleaning the…
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Goodness and Love has the magical power to restore the lost smiles of the poor

  As the poor are drawn into the lovely presence of Goodness and Love, the deepest hunger of their souls is met. In the lovely presence of Goodness and Love, their hearts are restored and refreshed. Let us serve them with clean hands and pure hearts all through our lives. [gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="5974,5975,5976,5977,5978,5979,5980,5981"]
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Asha Team enjoying servanthood as they lift up the weak

Servanthood is beautiful. Servanthood lifts up those who are weak. Servanthood heals the wounds of the heart. Servanthood is true humility and true love. In the presence of Servanthood is life and peace of mind. [gallery columns="2" ids="5961,5962,5963,5964,5965,5967,5968,5969"]
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