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Dr Kiran Demonstrates Servanthood in Leadership for everyone to Emulate

It was with great love and tenderness that Asha’s Founder Dr Kiran washed the feet of two of the oldest members of the Asha family, Senior Nurse Practitioner Lelani, and Senior Lab Technician, Jacob. It was a deeply soul stirring moment for everyone present. The environment was marked by serenity and tranquility. It was also…
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Short Video Update on Flood in River Bed Slum.

The struggle to rebuild lives continues, and it will take time and resources. Thank you all for your wonderful generosity that has enabled us to help in so many ways. Please share the video with others from your networks who made kind contributions. [playlist type="video" ids="6357"]
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Sanjana, a Burn Survivor Combating Malnutrition

Sanjana, 17 Years old girl, lives near the railway track in the Mayapuri slum community. She has lived there for the past 15 years with her parents and siblings. His father works as a Rickshaw driver on daily wages and barely earns 400 INR daily. The amount his father gets is not enough for the…
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