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Suzannah Jessep, Director of Asia New Zealand Foundation visits Asha

We at Asha were delighted to welcome an old friend Suzannah Jessep on 15th June. Suzannah, Director of Asia New Zealand Foundation, spent time interacting with Asha graduates and college students and was amazed to hear their journey and work as Corona warriors during the pandemic. She was also happy to know that despite a…
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Macquarie Internship for the year 2022

One of the most anticipated programmes for the Asha students, the Macquarie Internship for the year 2022, started on the 13th of June’2022. Twenty girls and boys were selected for this Internship programme based on rigorous selection criteria. After a detailed Onboarding process which took more than two weeks of intensive interaction with Team Macquarie,…
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Practicing Gratitude at Asha’s Dr Ambedkar Basti Slum Community

The sweeper of Dr Ambedkar Basti where people from the untouchable caste live, comes to clean our Centre everyday. Yesterday, the warriors and team suddenly said to her that they would be doing all the cleaning while she just relaxed. They said to her that they wanted to express gratitude to her for all her…
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