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A Mother’s fight against malnutrition

Born in Darbhanga, Bihar, to a family of farmers, Israt was born and brought up in her ancestral village in the 1980s. Deprived of education and basic needs from a young age, Israt and her siblings spent their childhood assisting their parents in a small farm growing rice and potatoes. Her family sustained themselves by…
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With no one to call her own, Asha becomes her Family

Rambuli’s parents were immigrants who settled in Delhi in the early 1940s. They started working as mill labourers, earning just Rs.15 a month (US$0.21/£0.17/AUS$0.31). This money was barely enough to feed this family of 16 and times were tough. Life worsened when Rambuli’s elder sister died during childbirth and Rambuli was married off to her…
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Young Roshni’s journey in fighting TB

6-year-old Roshni, who lives near the railway line in Mayapuri slum community has shown her whole community the meaning of strength and determination. Roshni’s parents Ramchand and Komal hail from Uttar Pradesh. Ramchand who now works at a Mobile repairing shop, in his childhood was an active member of the children association at Asha. He…
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