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Reaching for the sky with Asha’s support

Hazmat is an 18-year-old Asha student who resides in Peeragarhi slum, West Delhi. Hazmat’s Father is handicapped from his right hand since birth and does not hold a stable job, her mother works as a help in the hospital nearby. Her Father’s family belongs to a small village in the state of Bihar, where his…
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Asha Corona Warrior Mala from Mayapuri shares her personal journey

One of our best Asha Corona Warriors, Mala, shares her personal journey of learning to communicate in English. Mala has been receiving guidance and training from Asha Great Britain Board member Helen Finch. Since the past few months, Helen has been taking online lessons and improving Mala's communication skills through regular video calls. Since Mala got…
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Asha Team at Seelampur showcase Asha value ‘Generosity’

Generosity comes in many forms, when you are generous you will prioritize the needs of others, often above your own. In such challenging times, the Asha team at Seelampur have taken the initiative and showcased the Asha value ‘Generosity’ in action. The team has contributed together to purchase some items that will be very useful…
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