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Zeenat: A Great example of practising ‘The Asha Way of Life.’

Love, care and humanity has no boundaries, understands every language and transcends all barriers. Here is a beautiful and heart-touching story of Muneeza, a 70-year-old hearing and speaking impaired widow who was abandoned by her children and family and is looked by Zeenat, a member of the Asha Mahila Mandal at Chanderpuri Slum colony. Muneeza,…
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Asha provides a Ray of Hope for the Widowed Elderly.

Shanti Amma’s story reminds us of the pain and struggles that many poor and abandoned elderly undergo. Shanti Amma is a 70 yrs old widow who has lived in a rented shanty in Kusumpur Pahari Slum for the last 17 years. She is originally from UP and came to Delhi with her husband after marriage.…
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