Amiran Amma’s Inspiring Journey in the Dr Ambedkar Slum Community.

Amiran Amma is a 65-year-old widow living in Dr Ambedkar slum community. She and her husband moved to Delhi 50 years back with her three children. The lack of proper housing, electricity, water supply, and dirty lanes made living conditions unbearable in Ambedkar Basti, especially during the rainy season.
Despite the hardships, Amiran's life took a turn when the Asha team visited her community. She had never stepped out of the four walls of her house before this and was very timid. The Asha team encouraged Amiran and her Motivated and counselled her husband to let her join. That's how she began attending the meetings, where she developed an identity and an expression to articulate her problems in a forum.
Gradually she became confident and an active participant in community work and was always ready to meet the concerned officials.
Amiran's health became a concern when she diagnoses hypertension, thyroid and diabetes. Asha Health immediately enrolled her in hypertension and diabetic clinic and referred her to the doctor for
thyroid and is currently receiving treatment.
They ensured she received the necessary medical care and medication from the Asha slum center. Over time, her health improved, and she continued to visit the center, taking multivitamins and iron supplements to combat anaemia.
Despite her health complications, Amiran's commitment to her community remained unwavering. She actively participated in the Mahila Mandal meetings, inspiring others—a perfect example of Asha's relentless work to empower women in the slum community.

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