Asha: source of hope for Samarti Devi, abandoned Elderly Widow in Mayapuri Slum

Here is the story of 75-year-old Samarti Devi, a native of UP, who lives alone in the Mayapuri slum Southwest Delhi. She was married very young age and came to Mayapuri with her husband and five sons. All her sons work as labourers nearby scrapyards, are married and live close by. Samrati Devi takes turns to go to live with her sons after every three months as none of them takes responsibility for taking care of and support of her.

Sometimes she is forced to sleep on an empty stomach, or she has too dependent on her neighbours for food. As life became tough for her without proper food and care, her health deteriorated, and she started suffering from conditions such as diabetes, Hypertension and other respiratory issues. When The Asha team in Mayapuri heard about her troubles, they rushed to help her. As she had low vision impairment, The Asha Team helped her to undergo surgery and looked after her post-surgery since none of her children was ready to take care of her. During covid, regular ration kits were provided, and the Asha ambassador visited her daily and helped with her daily needs.

She is included in the 'love, and lunch' Asha geriatric feeding programme, where the poor and abandoned elderlies in Delhi slums are served freshly prepared nutritious meals and a homely atmosphere with love, care and compassion. Samarti devi enjoys the feeding programme. She is so happy to come to the Asha centre every day as it helps her overcome her loneliness by having the opportunity for social mingling.

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