Empowered Journeys: Celebrating 35 Years of Asha’s Impact in Delhi’s Slums

Today, as we Celebrate Asha's 35 years of transformative service in Delhi's slums, we spotlight Sandhya's journey with our women empowerment program, a critical component of the Asha Programme. A 48-year-old widow who migrated from Ishanagar, Madhya Pradesh, to Delhi 30 years ago with her husband better livelihood. Living a life confined by societal expectations in Ekta Vihar's slum community, she was veiled and timid, never stepping outside her home. She found her voice through Asha's Mahila Mandal programme, advocating societal constraints and better living conditions in her slum. Despite losing her husband five years ago, Asha became a ray of hope. Sandhya's life has transformed over the past 26 years, gaining confidence, acquiring new skills, and achieving empowerment through Asha's support. Her story exemplifies the life-changing power of Asha's 35-year commitment to the Delhi slums.


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