Struggle to Solace: Seeta’s Journey with Asha’s Compassionate Care

65-year-old Seeta from the Ekta Vihar slum community faced immense challenges and hardships after her husband's passing, leaving her to raise her children while working as a labourer single-handedly. Her son, despite her love and sacrifices, turned towards alcoholism. In a poignant turn of events, Seeta, at a time when she sought solace, found herself doubly burdened with the care of her grandchildren after her daughter-in-law's demise. Asha's ambassadors identified Seeta's plight during their survey in the community, and the Asha team immediately reached out to help her. Asha has become a ray of hope for Seeta. She became a part of the 'love and lunch' geriatric feeding programme; now, Seeta relishes nourishing meals served with love and compassion, finding solace in the company of fellow elders. Asha's comprehensive assistance, including medical care, has significantly improved Seeta's overall well-being, offering her a newfound sense of comfort and community.

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