Asha Celebrates Mahila Mandals’ Life-changing Journey

It was a wonderful moment of celebration when Asha honoured the empowered office bearers of Mahila Mandals across its slum communities, who had shaped not only their destinies with Asha but led thousands of women in the epoch-making journey of transformation. They shared riveting and pulsating narratives of how, under the leadership of Dr Kiran, the favourite and respected DrJi for everyone, with her far-sighted vision, and the Asha team's commitment, the script for this glorious journey of over three decades, which created new milestones of progress but more importantly, developed an enlightened mindset, progressive thought process and an environment filled with love without any barriers of caste, creed, or religion. The powerful voice of determination, which had resonated across the community, Government Offices, political leaders like MLAs and Councilors, and law and order agencies and evoked respect as a community interface, recreated magical moments depicting the power of change with an inherent belief in peace-making and rational dialogue which Asha had inculcated in them.
After the first session, the women bonded over lunch and shared unknown stories of their journeys with the Asha team and their comrades for many decades. It was a moment of respect and admiration for a dispassionate observer to see their multi-faceted roles as devoted housewives, responsible and caring mothers, and community leaders. The post-lunch session was the time to practice the Asha values-The sacred river, which purifies the heart of every Asha family member. The women practised the wonderful value of Affirmation with each other, and the Asha team Leaders expressed their love, respect and gratitude to their fellow soldiers who had shared a significant part of life's journey together. As we approached the golden rays of evening sunshine, the time was just right to practice Feet washing - the beautiful expression of Servanthood in Leadership in the sombre environment of peace and tranquillity.
Finally, the Asha team gave these wonderful women a small token of gift to respect and honor their life's journey and their relentless quest to steer the wheels of community progress and development, waiting to pass the baton to the next generation.

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