Asha Team &Warriors help the students in Delhi Slums to fulfil the University Entrance Process

Hello everyone, the University Entrance Exam process is more complex than ever, with a 3-phase process after the CUET exams were taken by our students. All the warriors are trying to be on top of the game by making sure each step is followed carefully so that no student’s future is compromised due to errors in the process. Daily Zoom calls are held across Asha to keep the discussions and the motivation going. We are now in phase 2 which will go on until Oct 10, after which phase 3 will begin. We will learn of the final outcome for our students by around the end of October. What would these students have done without the team and the warriors? Payments are to be made at each phase whether you finally get in or not. Team Asha is ensuring that financial assistance is available to all. Many warriors are choosing to make financial contributions as a way of Paying it Forward. Hoping for the very best outcome for our students in this extremely complicated process. Thank you for your support and your prayers.

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