Bendigo HealthBank Cricket Challenge 2015

With great excitement, we wish to announce the 2015 HealthBank Cricket Challenge between Bendigo Bank and Bendigo Health. The proceeds from HealthBank Cricket challenge in 2014 enabled two trained midwives from Bendigo Health to visit Asha and volunteer in its Healthcare Programme. In September 2014, Dr Kiran also visited both the organisations during her trip to Australia and addressed the staff there. Her visits turned out to be extremely popular and the hope is that she would return once again in 2015.

This year's Cricket Challenge is being supported by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Bendigo Health, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Cricket Victoria, City of Greater Bendigo and Australian Friends of Asha.

“We send out our heartfelt thanks and best wishes to each person involved in organising the Cricket Challenge. We loved hosting Sonia and Howard (the two midwives from Bendigo Health) last year and look forward to further opportunities of collaborating with our Australian friends. We do hope it turns out to be an evening packed with much thrill and sporting fun!”  - The Asha Team in Delhi

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