Dr Kiran visits Mayapuri slum community

I had a wonderful day at the Mayapuri clinic today. I met with many malnourished girls and found that our Nurse Practitioner Shiny is taking excellent care of them. She has been regularly giving them, Iron and Folic Acid, Vitamin and Mineral supplements, D3, and she had also dewormed them all. They come regularly for their protein and calorie supplements. The ones who have been on the program for a while, have gained weight, and the ones newly enrolled have a long way to go. The ones who are recovering said that it was the first time in months that they felt strong, alert and energetic. They come to the IT center regularly and do their school work. They were filled with gratitude, and when I shared about your generosity with them, they asked me to thank you from their hearts.


Most of the sick patients come to Asha in large numbers, and I observed they are all being taken very good care of and being given free treatment.



The warriors expressed gratitude for being a part of the Asha family that they all love so much. They brought out a Gratitude Cake, asked me to cut it, and each one expressed their gratitude for so many ways in which their lives were being changed. The atmosphere was filled with love, hope, joy, ambition, and much more.


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