Essence of a good team-Dr. Kiran’s Musings

Hello folks,
I have been reflecting on the various elements of our approach as a team that led to the best outcomes we could arrive at during the worst time of the second wave when people were dying everywhere. As I said earlier, we treated 1500 patients, and one patient died.
Among the many reasons, Trust seems to be at the core.
Having walked this journey together with the communities for 33 years, the residents have a firm belief in our reliability and our integrity. Longevity and consistency is key. They know that we will never abandon them, no matter what.
They also know that we act in their very best interests, without regard for politics, caste, gender or religion. They have faith in our competence and our compassionate approach that they have witnessed over the years of our relationship.
We already had partnerships and organized groups within the communities and so could work together on the basis of a shared vision and shared goals. Our collective actions with hundreds of community members meant that we could reach out and benefit the largest number of people possible. Such partnerships that act together on the needs of communities are critical to a relationship of trust.
Fairness and equal treatment, as well as special care of the vulnerable, are important elements of trust.
Although Trust is influenced by history, it is not static. It must be consistently earned and maintained.
So Trust is a core principle of Public Health Leadership.
Those are a few of my musings. Your comments, reflections, thoughts are welcome!

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