Freddy Martin’s Visit to UK

Hello folks, Freddy is on an Asha trip, traveling all over the UK. It’s just wonderful to see the reception he is receiving everywhere he goes, and the hard work all Asha supporters have put in to organize meetings all over the country. He is much loved, and his passion and enthusiasm are greater than ever, as he speaks about the work of Asha in so many different settings. Thank you to Friends of Asha GB for your friendship and your sharing of the vision over so many years.

A meeting organized by David and Helen Finch at Winchester. Food was cooked from Asha cookbook Hope and Spice. Copies of the book were sold. Thank you, David and Helen, for hosting this gathering in beautiful Winchester


Sunny’s video shown and Freddy speaking at a Prestigious public funded school of great repute, Gryphon School in Dorset.

Nigel an Asha supporter and trustee of the Sherborne area school trust who has worked so very hard to foster and strengthen the relationship with Gryphon. Thank you, Nigel, for your wonderful work. You have impacted the lives of young people in both countries.

Freddy and Sunny at the famous private Sherborne Girls School. The relationship was formed by Nigel again. Thank you, Nigel, for your work.


Freddy with the Principal of Sherborne Girls school Mrs Mackintosh. She has been out to Asha and is a wonderful supporter of Asha

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