“Images of India” – a fundraising photographic exhibition in Fremantle by Juliet Murray

India is a land of contrasts. Poverty is significant and yet it is a country that is immensely rich; in culture, spirituality and diversity.  In this exhibition, photographer Juliet Murray aims to capture this richness while highlighting the challenges that people face.

The proceeds of the “Images of India” exhibition will support Asha’s Higher Education Program.   Asha’s vision is to enable every child to achieve a tertiary education irrespective of the financial and social conditions from which they come.   In 2017, 160 students were enrolled in Delhi University and another 100 in vocational courses as a result of Asha’s support.  For each one of them, completing their high school education and gaining admission to the university is a remarkable achievement.

“Images of India” opens on Friday 16th March at 6.30pm at the Art of Freo Gallery, Fremantle WA and runs Wednesday to Sunday 11-4pm until March 25th.


Contact for further information:

Email: artoffreo@iinet.net.au

Phone: 0401 910 845

Website https://www.fremantlestory.com.au/your-story/arts-culture/galleries-and-studios/art-of-freo/events/images-of-india-fundraising-exhibition.html

*The featured image in this article is of Juliet Murray's “Images of India.” 

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