IT Lab inauguration at Dr Ambedkar slum

Hello folks, Tuesday was a wonderful day. We inaugurated the IT Centre at Dr Ambedkar Slum in honour of the Late Mr Kailash Chaudhary. KC as we all fondly called him, had been hosting events at Napa Valley California every year for over 20 years. He loved the Asha family, and organized the Annual Asha events at Napa with great enthusiasm and passion, bringing in thousands of dollars for Asha’s work.


From the outside, and located right in the heart of the community


The students, none of whom have their own laptops, were delighted with this beautiful new facility. This is critical for their success at University and to obtain good jobs.


Rama, our senior nurse practitioner, cut the ribbon, with warriors and our senior most CHV Meena, on either side of her. The students sitting in front of their beautiful laptops in the Centre, shared their experiences and expressed their thanks for this facility. Family and friends of KC also spoke, and we all remembered him with love and gratitude. His picture and tribute placed on the front wall, will always remind us of KC’s legacy that will live on for generations to come.


The pictures above are those of the slum in which this Centre is located

We were happy that KC’s family in Napa, the employees of his company Chaudhary and Associates, his friends in Napa, board members of Friends of Asha USA, and those of Asha India, joined us on Zoom.

Deepest thanks to each one of you who donated to make this Centre a reality.

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