Let there be “Hope”!

"Dr Kiran Martin, the founder and director of ASHA India, has given hope and wings to thousands and lakhs of people living in slum areas of New Delhi. More than 7 lakh people from 91 slums across Delhi benefit from ASHA today. Many children from ASHA have joined some of the coveted and premier institutes in Australia, a quintessential of the great work that ASHA is doing for children.

The objectives of ASHA for providing better health, empowerment, education, financial inclusion and environment have witnessed groundbreaking outcomes. 

Walking on the footprints of ASHA, NSW committee of Friends of ASHA Australia commenced the launch of the Sydney chapter with their first charity event function, “Hope” that raised funds to support the benevolent cause."

Read the whole article published at http://bit.ly/2Jov2jf


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