Macquarie Internship for the year 2022

One of the most anticipated programmes for the Asha students, the Macquarie Internship for the year 2022, started on the 13th of June’2022. Twenty girls and boys were selected for this Internship programme based on rigorous selection criteria. After a detailed Onboarding process which took more than two weeks of intensive interaction with Team Macquarie, there was an orientation
programme for the selected Asha students. This year it was decided that the Internship will be organised in a hybrid model with three days of online Internship at Asha IT Labs and two days onsite at the Macquarie office in Gurugram. However, few students have been asked to visit the Macquarie office regularly and get exposure to onsite working across various departments. Another notable feature of this year’s programme was that the Internship programme was organised in the Philippines and India, providing the students with rich international exposure and the natural feel of working in a cross-cultural environment. The selected Interns will also get the opportunity to meet the Senior Management team of Macquarie.
The programme schedule for the Internship includes corporate workplace skills, ethics and values in the corporate world, time management skills, and how to build a personal brand and maintain work-life balance. After the orientation, the interns learnt about Macquarie’s history and discovered Macquarie Workplace on Facebook. There was also an activity on life’s transformation from college to the corporate world.
Thank you, Mr Sandeep Bhatia- Country Head India, Mr Manish Desai- Head of Macquarie Gurugram Office and the team of Macquarie Foundation, for providing this invaluable and enriching exposure to the Asha students as a stepping stone to the International corporate workplace environment.


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