Proud Moment for Asha: Amritesh graduates from the University of Queensland- School of Economics.

Yesterday was another exciting and proud moment for the entire Asha global family as Amritesh, an Asha student from the Kusumpur Pahari Slum community, received his Masters degree yesterday from Chancellor Peter Varghese, University of Queensland. Amritesh joined the two-year International Economics and Finance course at the UQ School of Economics in 2021, becoming the first recipient of the UQ-India Equity Postgraduate Coursework Scholarship for students from the slum communities of New Delhi, India.

The graduation ceremony was live-streamed and was watched by hundreds of Asha students in different slum communities. All were overloaded with great pride and happiness as they cheered Amritesh with loud applause, seeing him realise his dream come true.

Our deepest thanks to Chancellor Peter Varghese, Asha’s wonderful friend and great supporter, his team at UQ, and all others who have been instrumental in opening doors with the opportunity to fulfil his international education dream.

Congratulations, Amritesh! Go on to achieve many more great things in life.

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