Telehealth clinics in Asha slum communities

I have been doing regular clinics on Zoom at the various Asha centres. I use the opportunity to train Asha nurses who take turns to be on these telehealth clinics. Patients have also got used to the laptop and the headphones. Patients come in large numbers with all kinds of acute and chronic conditions. Free investigations and treatment is being given to all. Referrals are made to hospitals through our linkages as necessary. Patients just cannot pay for health care during these days of financial crisis. I have expanded our pharmacy so that patients do not have to buy drugs from pharmacies outside. All drugs provided are from the best companies and generic as much as possible. I am really happy at how well our nurse practitioners are continuously being trained and can provide General Practice level care without the intervention of doctors in most cases. They are such keen learners, and are get excited when they are able to run GP clinics independently. I am proud of them.

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