The Unbreakable Bond: A Journey of Dreams and Friendship

Farat and Nur Saba, two friends from Zakhira Slum, forge a path of determination, supporting each other's dreams amidst challenges. Nur Saba hails from a village in Bihar. Her parents had been availing of the health services at Asha's clinic at Zakhira since its inception in 2004. The clinic became integral to Saba's life, even before she took her first breath. Every vaccination and every medical need of her were met at Asha's clinic. Farat, on the other hand, arrived in Zakhira at the age of two with her mother and elder siblings. They sought refuge here after the tragic loss of Farat's father.
As the years passed, Farat and Saba became best friends and active members of Asha Bal Mandal. Currently, both are studying in class 9th. However, Saba's parents recently contemplated sending her back to their village, which would halt her education, forcing her to care for her ailing grandmother. Determined to protect her dreams of continuing education, Saba shared her sorrows with Farat. United by love and unwavering support, Farat and Saba decided to confront Saba's parents together with the help of the Asha team. Their collective strength resonated with a shared vision — Saba's education should not be sacrificed.
Bravely, they approached Saba's parents, emphasizing education's profound impact on their lives and the dreams Saba held within her heart. They shared about Saba's unwavering dedication, her dreams of becoming a doctor or a teacher, and her love for her studies. Asha's team talked with Saba's parents to find solutions to continue her schooling. With Asha's efforts, Saba's parents have promised that they will not take her to the village.
Sincere appreciation goes to Farat and Nur Saba and Asha team for taking the right step to fight to ensure the right to education for Saba!

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