A story of dedication and hard-work

An impoverished 4-yard long shanty is where Nageena lives! One has to climb a weak wooden ladder in order to reach Nageena every time.

Sufiya looking out from her shanty in Asha's Seelampur slum community

Nageena looking out from her shanty in Asha's Seelampur slum community

17-year-old Nageena dwells in Asha’s Seelampur slum community for years. The family of six includes Nageena , her parents and three siblings. The hunt to earn a dignified livelihood brought the family to this ghetto in the Eastern part of Delhi from a village in Uttar Pradesh some 20 years back. Since then, the family is settled in an unventilated house longing to wake up one fine morning where they won’t be dependent on the meagre sum they fetch.

Absolute poverty doesn’t only keep children from good food and basic amenities but also, confidence and self-worth. Like million others, Nageena too has struggled a lot for the same. Despite her agonies and difficulties, the eldest child of a daily wage labourer-Nageena yet manages to teach and help make her younger siblings grow and excel. She joined Asha in class seventh when one of the Asha Ambassadors spotted an intelligent but naive Nageena studying in a nearby government school. She has been coming to the centre and taking help from question banks and other educational materials, free tuitions by the Asha Graduates and guidance by the supervisors and team leaders since then.
“I dream of becoming an Air Hostess. I believe that one day, I will not only be able to make my family happy but also, help the younger ones in Asha who deserve happiness and a dignified life equally,” signs off Nageena .
This year, Nageena has scored 80.25% in her school leaving exam and is all excited to become the first ever child of her house to go pursue University Education.

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