Amritesh fulfils his International Education dream, overcoming personal and slum challenges

From the huge dirt-filled ponds in the slum, squatting in the jungles, filling cans of water from govt tankers for his needs, studying under the light of a torch, stuttering constantly, never having any money to buy enough food and clothes, never going to a movie or a bookstore, Amritesh has reached his final semester of Masters in International Economics and Finance. We walked along the sea at the Gold Coast talking about his journey, had a lovely lunch, enjoyed some delicious ice cream and returned to Brisbane, reminiscing his past and where he has reached today. We thought of Chris Elstoft and Peter Varghese who have been instrumental in opening doors and giving him opportunities. Spending one on one precious time with him on the Gold Coast was an unforgettable experience. Amritesh is a transformed young man who will go on to achieving great things in life.


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