Asha continues providing support to hundreds in the slums every day

Dr Kiran- “Hello folks, you may have heard that the COVID 19 cases are on the rise in India, particularly in Delhi, with about 60-70 deaths in the city daily. The standard of care in our public hospitals in Delhi is abysmal. Many prefer to die at home rather than go there. The private ones are impossible for the poor to afford.

Some of these pictures may seem repetitive; each one represents a person we touch and provide support to in many ways, and they are in the hundreds every day. We must be devoted and steadfast and true to our word. Trustworthy and consistent. Continue to express solidarity with singleness of heart. Faithful to our oath and obligations. Be loyal out of love, dedication and commitment. Persevere and never give up. Till our friends in the slums come out from the darkness into light.”


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