Asha COVID-19 Emergency Response: Asha focuses on caring for the elderly in the slums

Dr Kiran- “Hello friends, these days my team and I have the care of the elderly in our slum communities as a major focus. This pandemic has caused them to suffer from hunger, disease, deficiency of micronutrients, and loneliness and depression.

The Asha team and warriors are holding special clinics where every elderly person is lovingly looked after. All their health parameters are carefully studied, and appropriate medications given free of cost.

Grocery bags are being given regularly to every elderly person who has no support. There are many such persons who are living alone with no family member to care for them.

I have recently extended our Supplementary Feeding Program to each elderly person who is undernourished. They enjoy their daily visits to the Asha centers where not only do they enjoy nutritious food, but also build social connections in a loving and safe environment.

I have begun giving them Vitamin D supplements that are absolutely critical to their health, specially because they stay indoors all the time due to COVID-19 and hardly have any exposure to sunlight.

I will say more about the Vitamin D supplementation in my next post.

I’m sure you will agree that we must all stand together with the elderly in every way not only through this pandemic, but also beyond, being Ambassadors of love to them, and bringing joy into their lives everyday.”


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