Asha COVID-19 Emergency Response: Asha slum communities receive compassionate care from Asha in this pandemic

Dr Kiran: “The Asha family continues its work in the slums through such important partnerships with all of you during this pandemic ravaging the communities.

So desperate are they during these times that they do not have the capacity to provide food and medical care to their families. Many middle class and wealthy Indians have treated them even worse than when there was no pandemic, being apathetic and uninterested in their plight. The poor are already judged harshly by them, and this lack of care adds a further blow to their already compromised dignity and worth.

Compassionate care given with respect to everyone in the community, not expressed as a feeling of pity, but as empathy towards a brother or a sister in distress, must reach out to all. They must feel fully valued and fully loved.

Thank you that we can be co-workers and collaborators in our convictions and in our efforts as we stand with them in their suffering.”

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