Asha COVID-19 Emergency Response: Covid positive patient in Delhi slum recovers through Asha’s care

Rekha is a 40-year-old woman who resides in Asha’s Anna Nagar slum community. She had settled down here after marriage around 30 years ago. Tragedy struck when her husband died in a road accident 10 years ago. Rekha was left alone to fend for her young son, so she started working as a domestic help to earn money and survive. For the past decade, Rekha has been working hard to provide for her family.

The second wave of coronavirus in India has been like a tsunami that has swept away many lives overnight. The new variant has started to affect many people living in the slums as well and Rekha is one of such case. Around 10 days ago, Rekha started to feel ill after work, she was experiencing joint pain and weakness suddenly. This was followed by symptoms such as vomiting and loose motion. Rekha believed that this would pass away in a few days and ignored her symptoms.

During this same time, Asha had strengthened its work of fighting the covid tsunami in all the slum communities. The Asha team in Anna Nagar are going door to door and reaching out to all slum dwellers. They are enquiring about everyone’s health and informing all about the new symptoms of the new variant of this deadly virus. While doing so, they came across Rekha’s home. After hearing about her symptoms, the Asha team immediately alerted her and asked her to get tested as soon as possible. As suspected, Rekha turned to be positive.

As per the covid safety guidelines, Rekha has been isolated in a separate room in her house. The Asha corona warriors visit her every 6 hours while maintaining social distancing, they monitor her oxygen levels and provide her with the correct nutrition and safety precautions. The Asha team records her health progress and oxygen levels in the Asha Health card every single day. Currently, Rekha’s oxygen level is 97 and she has stopped showcasing symptoms such as breathlessness and vomiting. Asha is also providing her with vitamins and medicines.

With the help of Asha, Rekha’s health is stable and she is on the road to recovery. Asha will continue to monitor her health over the next few weeks until she tests negative for covid. Meanwhile, Rekha’s young son has currently lost his job due to the ongoing lockdown. He is helping treat his mother with his small savings, while he is fearful for his own life and health. Thankfully, he has tested negative and is healthy.

India is currently experiencing the worst healthcare scenario in modern history, with a lack of oxygen and beds availability in hospitals. The death tolls are rising with every passing day and everyone is fearing for their lives. Asha has been spreading awareness and the undertaking of vaccinations for all the slum dwellers. Asha is prepared to fight the second wave and safeguard the health of all in the slums.

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