Asha COVID-19 Emergency Response: Typhoid Vaccine procured and administered for all Asha children aged 2 years and above

At this time each year, Typhoid cases tend to increase in the slums. The change in the weather brings with it this disease that rapidly affects children aged 2 and above. The pandemic has made the procurement of vaccines highly difficult, however,  Asha has managed to procure the same for young children who require the vaccines urgently.

Typhoid is a dangerous illness that is common in the slums of Delhi due to the poor sanitation and contaminated drinking water. Cases go up from July until September, and I have seen serious complications such as intestinal perforation with septicemia, meningitis, and pericarditis in children.

Typhoid vaccination is given regularly to all Asha children 2 years of age and above. This year, the focus on COVID 19 has meant that there is no focus on vaccinations, and that is a dangerous situation to be in for young children living in the slums.

I was so relieved when we were able to finally buy a Typhoid vaccine, and procure it for all our health centres after a great deal of difficulty because of issues with the supply chain.

The administration of the vaccine to the Asha children has begun and will continue until each Asha child receives the vaccine.


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