Asha made me believe in myself again: Arti

Have you ever noticed the people selling shoes on a footpath? That’s what my father and brother do, they sell shoes in the weekly markets in a different part of Delhi says Arti a 19-year-old.

Arti’s family resides from Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh. Her father came to live with his friend from the village and started working as a tailor in the nearby shops of V.P Singh Camp. He annually used to visit his wife in the village. After her father’s hard work of 8 years they were able to make a semi-concrete room in the V.P Singh camp, he then happily called his wife and Arti’s elder sibling. With little did they had, they tried to sustain in it and be grateful for it. Arti’s mother used to go to nearby houses for work while her father used to work in petty jobs other than tailoring to generate more income in the family.

Life was settling in for them, but things took a different turn after Arti's mother lost 2 children at the age of 4-5 years old. After the death of the youngest son, her mother now has become depressed and preferring to sit all day in a corner of the room. She sometimes even throws Arti’s books outside the room.

To live in a room where she sees deteriorating health of her mother has left Arti numb. She regained her confidence and desire to study when she met with Asha Ambassadors on their door to door visit. After joining Asha, she started believing again in her dreams. With Asha’s team constant support and motivation and with the help of supplementary books and continuous mock tests she has scored 82% in her school-leaving exams.

She has secured a seat at the prestigious Delhi University. She wants to work in a multinational so that she can afford a better and comfortable life for her mother.

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