Asha provides essential groceries to families in Chanderpuri slum community

Dr Kiran- ”Today was my second visit to Chanderpuri slum community. People were looking forward to receiving me; they were filled with hope at a time of distress, as my car pulled up outside the centre. The rickshaw pullers, ice cream vendors, those who worked in the neighbouring Gandhi market, all sat idle. This third round of groceries meant that they could continue to cook at home and provide for their families. I saw a few families had begun to get piece based work. Cutting the extra thread from the cloth that was to be made into a pair of jeans fetched 0.50paise each. The girl said she earns Rs 200/-( approx GBP 2.50) if she is able to do 400 pieces in a day. The exploitation of cheap labour from the poorest people in the city was a sorrowful sight.

Essential groceries were received with gratitude in one part of the centre, while a supplementary feeding program for children from 1-3 years of age was being run in the other part. It is critical to provide these children with one nutritious meal every day to prevent them from going into severe malnutrition and developing micronutrient deficiencies.”


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