Asha provides financial aid to slum dwellers by the river bed

”Today’s financial help was focused on the River Bed slum near the city’s main bus station, and on families in Seelampur. Rickshaw pullers, carriers of heavy loads on load pulling rickshaws, abandoned women, widows, sick people, the disabled…..the list goes on. The families have fallen into a huge financial crisis because there’s no work. The rickshaws are not allowed to leave the slum communities. Some families have food subsidy cards, others don’t. The distribution slips are given out every morning and if you are not lucky, you come back the next day. And the next. I am committed to reaching out to each family in great need, no matter what. And the Asha Corona Warriors and team members are on the frontlines identifying families and carrying out the task of disbursing the funds. Thank you for your generosity. It would have been impossible without you.”- Dr Kiran


Here are a few glimpses:

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