Asha reaches out to the Flood affected Slum Communities in River Bed

Hi everyone, the flood affected families on the River Bed have no homes, so we are helping them to make temporary structures and covering their roofs with water proof material. The Asha Ambassadors from other communities are doing all this work. It’s quite dangerous trying to lay a roof on a shaky structure. The Ambassadors and Team are brave and committed.

The entire area had huge amounts of garbage everywhere after the water receded. The Asha team invited the local Councillor and MLA to make a visit. Once they saw the situation, they sent a team of sanitary workers from the municipality, and they, along with our Ambassadors, cleaned up the entire area.

The Asha Team expressed heartfelt Gratitude to the Sanitary Workers for their cleaning services.

Our open air clinics continue daily to provide free health care to everyone


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