Asha Student Mohini from Tigri Slum Community

Dr Kiran: 'This is a beautiful video of Mohini from Asha’s Tigri Slum Community.

I remember, during the early years of Asha, I personally witnessed newborn baby girls being strangulated by the midwife with the umbilical cord, and they were still born. I saw one of them being buried behind her mother’s shanty, surrounded by garbage and filth.

Girls in the slums are denied an education, married early and have children well before they are 20-21 years of age.

They are the silent sufferers with rampant sexual abuse.

How much mourning and sorrow there is when they are born, specially if they are child number 3 or 4.

Such was the situation with Mohini. But what a marvelous story of redemption through the work of Asha, told in her own words. And I’m sure we will see her in Australia soon, doing her Masters!'

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