Asha student Mohini: Her personal story of struggles and victory while defying the odds

Dr Kiran: ‘This is the story of 19 year old Mohini who lives in Asha’s Tigri slum community. Her father is a day labourer and mother is a housemaid. Their combined income is about 150 US dollars a month.

Mohini became a member of the Asha family at the age of 9, by joining the Children’s group where she learned and blossomed in a safe and loving environment, away from an abusive environment where she was harassed and teased.

Through her hard work and with Asha’s guidance and mentoring, Mohini did exceptionally well in her school leaving exams, and secured a seat to study a Bachelors in Home Science at the prestigious Institute of Home Economics at Delhi University.

In early 2020, Mohini had a terrible accident, falling from her makeshift roof at her shanty, and she injured her back bone. She had to go through spinal surgery and took months to recover.

To make things worse, she was diagnosed with Covid and became very ill. The Asha family at Tigri took loving care of her in every way possible.

Mohini had wonderful experiences at an internship at the Australian High Commission through Asha in the summer of 2019. She says she became more expressive and confident than ever, and was delighted to learn many soft skills.

She is now in her final year of her Bachelors in Science, and is looking forward to her future with great hope and excitement. She would like to do her Masters next, and is held up as a role model for other young girls in her community.

‘If I had not been a member of the Asha family, I would have been married after high school and possibly have had children.’ says Mohini

Mohini is an excellent Asha Ambassador and continues to inspire and give hope to young students in her community and beyond. Get your passport made, Mohini! Who knows what the future holds for you.’

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