Asha student Sugra receives an urgent healthcare intervention by Asha

Hello friends, yesterday as I was running my clinic on Zoom, I suddenly heard that Asha university student Sugra (whose English teacher is Asha USA Trustee Jean Peteet) was lying in bed quite sick. I called for her to come to the Seelampur clinic. It was found that she was really pale and her BP was 80/50. She was filling dizzy and. could hardly stand. I asked Asha team member Shiv to take her to the hospital emergency immediately. Her father refused saying there was nothing wrong with her. I prevailed upon her father and Shiv took her to the emergency of a public hospital in the vicinity. The Junior doctor there refused to examine her or admit her. I then spoke with him over the phone and said to him that if he did not immediately give her IV fluids and stabilize her, I would be forced to take the matter up with higher authorities. He became apprehensive after the conversation, and admitted her. Shiv and Aditya, both Asha warriors were with her all the time.

In the meanwhile, I spoke with a colleague at a larger hospital, requesting for him to admit and investigate her, and he did that.

He told the family that she required immediate blood transfusion but that she was AB positive and they did not have this blood group in the blood bank.

The Asha warriors immediately went to the Red Cross blood bank, donated one unit of blood each, and they gave them 2 units of AB positive blood in exchange, for Sugra.

She has now received blood transfusion, and will be further investigated to find out the cause of the anemia.

What would have happened to Sugra without Asha? She could have gone into hypoxia and had a system shut down if we had not intervened immediately. So many obstacles from family, from hospitals. The Never Give Up spirit is critical for change and transformation and healing. It is a hallmark of true compassion.

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