Asha COVID-19 Emergency Response: Asha student Tushar wins ‘Student of the Year’ award

Asha students over the years have always been made their communities proud of their academic achievements. This year once again one of the most hardworking Asha student, Tushar, has left a strong mark. His achievement will be an inspiration for all the younger Asha students in the years to come.

Asha final year student Tushar who is about to complete his BA in History Honours at Delhi University has just received ‘ Student of the Year’ Award at his college!

He is the son of a poor and humble labourer and was born and raised in one of the slums of the Mayapuri area. His life was completely transformed through his partnership with Asha. He interned at the British High Commission and at Macquarie bank. He went on an Asha trip to the UK last year, and many of you met him there. He has also given speeches at public gatherings organized by Asha. I am working with Sydney University to help him do a Masters there possibly in 2021.

Tushar has been one of our finest and bravest Asha Corona Warriors and has done exemplary work in and around the slum communities of Mayapuri.

Here are some pictures:


Tushar at home with his family

Interning at the British High Commission and receiving recognition from the High Commissioner

Tushar in the UK

He lives by an open drain and a railway line

The day he got admission at Delhi University in the History Honors programme.

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