Asha COVID-19 Emergency Response: Asha students assisted with every step of the online Delhi University admissions

Asha team members at all Asha centres are helping the students register online as their admission to Delhi University as the procedures have started online this year. While the final year Delhi University students are taking mock exams to help them prepare for the finals. All Asha students are being provided with tremendous motivation and support during this critical period in their lives.

The class 12( high school, A level students) have to register at the Delhi University portal for admissions to the university this coming year, and the deadline is close. Some students are scared, some are not showing interest because of the uncertainty, some want to work and help their families financially instead of studying further, some have gone to their villages where there is no internet access. The Asha family is worried about them and their future. The senior university students and graduates are also worried. Everyone is working extremely hard at trying to convince them to register. Many high school students don’t even have email ids and have no clue how to register. The team of staff and volunteers in all the communities is helping them every day.

The Delhi University final year exams are online as explained earlier. They are on an Open Book Format( OBF). This is going to be a major challenge for our slum students who will have to make do with smartphones. They are continuously taking mock exams organized by Asha.

All this while the number of COVID-19 cases is increasing daily.

Desperate families continue to be given grocery bags on a daily basis.”



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