Central Universities Entrance Test (CUET) registration at Asha slum communities

A new and worrisome development has taken place in the Delhi University admissions process. Previous admissions were on the basis of marks obtained in the school leaving board exam. That has all changed. There will now be a separate Central Universities Entrance Test (CUET) the results of which will determine the admission of a student.

The registration process for this test is really quite complicated and it is virtually impossible for a year 12 student from a slum to complete such a complex application on their own. The registration fee is also high.

The deadline for the registration is May 22. Thereafter the students will have to receive separate coaching for this entrance exam. The pattern is new, and none of us knows enough about it. We will have to find new ways of coaching our students and getting them exam ready. At the moment they are focusing on the board exam. They can only begin preparing for CUET when those are over.

At this time, CUET registrations are going on in all Asha communities. There is a lot of resistance from students and parents. Students feel too afraid and insecure about preparing to attempt for this new exam.

Asha has paid the full registration fees for almost all the students. These are separate from the university fees that will need to be paid every year once the students are in.

The Asha team and I are quite worried about the uncertainties related to this process. We are hoping that we can enable our students to shine in this new exam!

Here are some pictures of CUET registration going on in all Asha slum communities.

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