Child Nutrition Kits to be distributed in Asha slum communities

”Hello folks, I am determined that every child under five in All the Asha communities receive adequate nutrition from us, so that wasting, stunting, and nutritional deficiencies are not allowed to occur. We will give these Child Nutrition Kits to every child from 1-5 years of age in every Asha slum community. It will be a huge project, but the team and the Warriors will reach out to every child.

I would also like to throw some light on the deficiency of the micronutrient Zinc in young children. Zinc plays a major part in our body’s metabolic functions. Deficiency of zinc can impair the physical growth in children, and lead to the development of pneumonia and diarrhoea in young children. Zinc supplementation will cut short the severity and duration of diarrhoea, and reduce child mortality. Night blindness is prevented when given along with Vitamin A. It also greatly improves the child’s immune system.

Zinc is highly inadequate or almost absent in the diet of poor children because it is found mostly in animal proteins, particularly fish, cashew nuts, and other dry fruits, which the poor cannot afford. Asha, therefore, gives Zinc supplements and it is critical that we continue this process during the lockdown.

Less than 1% of children under five in the slums are receiving a minimum acceptable diet during this pandemic. Thank you to every one of you for your generosity that is enabling us to help hundreds of young children in the slums.”- Dr Kiran


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