Coronavirus awareness in Asha slums

”Hello there everyone, the news has been moving rapidly with the goalpost changing every day. Delhi is under complete lockdown. People are moving out only for essential reasons. However, in the slum communities, the situation is different. It’s really hard to maintain social distancing, and for large families to stay together all the time in one small room. They are seen standing around in groups, playing cards in the lanes, lining up to go to the toilet, or playing together. Asha has formed 19 Asha Corona Warrior Teams made up of volunteers from various communities. Each team has a leader and they are patrolling the communities every day to spread awareness on the dos and don’ts during the Covid19 pandemic. They are visiting every home explaining the importance of social distancing and frequent hand washing. They are also offering to get groceries for the elderly and those at high risk. They understand the symptoms and are explaining to patients what is to be done. Some continue to gather in groups and it’s hard for the ambassadors to convince them of the seriousness of the situation.”- Dr Kiran


Here are a few glimpses:

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