Dr Kiran runs a clinic at Asha’s Kalkaji slum centre

Dr Kiran- ”I was very disheartened to meet a child in Kalkaji pictured below. This child was left in the care of her sister while the mother went to stand in a line to get food for the family. Scalding hot water fell on the child’s left lower limb and she had to be treated at the hospital for burns. The mother was weeping in distress that this happened because she had to leave her child at home.

Kalkaji is an extremely crowded slum community with the narrowest of alleys and multi-storied slum homes. The main road is broken up due to the digging and it is lined with hawkers right next to each other selling their wares on the ground by the side of the road, all along with it. The work of the Asha team has seen many transformations over the years in the 3 communities surrounding the Asha centre. I sat in the centre and was saddened to see how healthy children under five had become malnourished due to the circumstances created by the lockdown.”


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