Dr Kiran shares positive affirmations with the entire Asha team

Dr Kiran- ”Hi there folks, last night a had a wonderful Zoom session with the entire Asha team.

I first affirmed each of them for an amazing job they have all done during the toughest of circumstances in this pandemic. On the call were not only the teams working in the slum communities, but also the finance team, communications team, admin team, and the support staff including all the drivers and the maids. All of them have worked and are continuing to work exceedingly hard.

I then spoke about:

1. The benefits of positive emotions.

2. How we can cultivate positive emotions.

Benefits. I shared that:

1. They change our outlook. They open our minds. The way we look at situations changes. We almost always find ways, we never ever quit.

2. We face our difficulties and challenges more easily. We become more resilient.

3. We see past cultural and racial differences. We see our common humanity.

4. We become more creative. We get new ideas.

5. They strengthen our relationships and develop trust. They make us look for the best in others.

6. They make us better persons. The nature we are born with can change for the better as we cultivate them.

7. They help us to make the best decisions. They give us wisdom when there are tough choices to make.

8. They lower anxiety, worry, and mental disturbances.

What a wonderful list of scientifically proven benefits.

Next I shared with them on how we can cultivate positive emotions:

Cultivating them is not easy. It requires daily practice, and then it becomes a habit.

We must:

1. Surround ourselves with more positive people than negative.

2. Practise Affirmation exercises with family, friends, and co-workers. ( I have taught them these exercises before)

3. Consciously fill our minds with good thoughts, so there is no room for negative thoughts. Our brains cannot hold positive and negative thoughts together.

4. Create an environment of Joy.

5. Practice Gratitude exercises.

6. Look for the good in others and validate them rather than criticize them.

7. Guard our tone, our voice, our tongue, being quick to listen and slow to speak.

We can either languish from day to day, or we can flourish and live life fully!


Immediately following on from the Zoom meeting, the teams began to celebrate and practice in many ways.

They cooked and ate together, affirmed one another, made expressions of gratitude, everyone on the teams coming together. And they told me they had a wonderful time and felt so energized. They felt like loving more, and being more compassionate. They found that the problems they had magnified in their minds, felt small. There was fun and laughter in the slum communities in the midst of the pandemic.”

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