Dr Kiran visits families in Mayapuri slum community

Dr Kiran- ”It was Mayapuri’s turn today. I know many of you have visited this community over the years and witnessed for yourselves the poverty and deprivation along the railway track as well as in Kanchan Basti, which is one of the poorest slums in the city. Today’s afternoon temperature was 44 degrees C, and the heat was both blistering and suffocating. We walked from the Asha center to the community, where families had just received Groceries from Asha. As I went from home to home and lane to lane, most people hadn’t eaten since Wednesday. They are rag pickers and scavengers or sell balloons and small toys at traffic lights. The empty containers, the hungry children, the desperation, was heartbreaking. We had already given Nutrition Kits to the young children earlier. Everywhere I went, hearts and eyes were filled with gratitude. Tressy has been serving there for over 20 years. The Asha Corona Warriors Tushar, Mala, Maya, Sunny, and many others have poured their hearts and souls into this community since the lockdown began. They themselves have no money; they were doing some part-time work while studying at university. That has gone. We gave the Warriors funds and groceries again today. But they have no expectation whatsoever and offer their services with a pure heart.

At the Asha centre, the team gave out the groceries. There was a stampede at one point after we had given out about 80 bags, and we had to stop. So desperate were they for the food, that they just could not stand in line. The large crowd stormed into the well, and there was chaos. All our pleading was in vain. We had to abandon the distribution and defer it to tomorrow, deciding that the Warriors would give them the parcels at their homes in an orderly manner. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.”


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